Gratulerer med dagen Bjørn Einar!


He’s 30 today!
Happy birthday Bjørn Einar Romøren! We ♥ you

adlersollenfliegen said: Heeey!
I didn't know you were so ill... Poor girl *hug* Do you feel any better now?
I'm glad you're back here with us :)

It wasn’t anything too serious, but thank you :) I’m almost fully recovered now!

Planica 2011

I apologize for my long absence but I have been quite ill, I spent the bigger part of last weekend at the hospital and missed the Planica competitions.

Here you have the results and some pictures from the last event this season!

Final results Planica HS215, 18.3.2011:

1.    G. Schlierenzauer     AUT    450,9p
2.    Thomas Morgenstern    AUT     -2,8p
3.    Martin Koch           AUT    -17,1p
4.    Matti Hautamäki       FIN    -21,9p
5.    Anders Bardal         NOR    -25,5p
6.    Simon Ammann          SUI    -29,0p
7.    Kamil Stoch           POL    -29,3p
8.    Adam Malysz           POL    -33,6p
9.    J.R. Evensen          NOR    -41,9p
10.    B.E. Romøren         NOR    -46,8p

Final results Planica HS215, team 19.3.2011:

1.    Austria       1669,9p
2.    Norway        -135,5p
3.    Slovenia      -181,3p
4.    Poland        -220,2p
5.    Germany       -287,1p
6.    Czech Rep     -312,2p
7.    Finland       -339,6p
8.    France        -366,9p

Final results Planica HS215, 20.3.2011:

1. Kamil Stoch        POL    217,3p    
2. Robert Kranjec     SLO    -2,3p    
3. Adam Malysz        POL    -13,7p    
4. G. Schlierenzauer  AUT    -15,9p    
5. Anders Bardal      NOR    -18,4p    
6. Severin Freund     GER    -19,5p    
7. Thomas Morgenstern AUT    -26,5p    
8. Wolfgang Loitzl    AUT    -29,5p    
9. J.R. Evensen       NOR    -29,6p    
10. Martin Koch       AUT    -34,6p    

Janne Ahonen’s last competition.

Janne Ahonen’s last competition.

Lahti 2011

Final results Lahti HS130, team 12.3.2011:

 1) Austria        1086,0 p 
 2) Norway         -20,7 
 3) Poland         -57,7 
 4) Germany        -68,1
 5) Slovenia       -86,3
 6) Finland        -125,9
 7) Japan          -146,4 
 8) Czech Rep      -148,3

Final results Lahti HS130, 13.3.2011:

1.    Simon Ammann          SUI    286,8p
2.    Andreas Kofler        AUT    -4,5p
3.    Severin Freund        GER    -6,8p
4.    Anders Bardal         NOR    -8,3p
5.    Thomas Morgenstern    AUT    -10,3p
6.    Martin Koch           AUT    -11,5p
7.    J.R. Evensen          NOR    -13,9p
8.    G. Schlierenzauer     AUT    -15,4p
9.    Kamil Stoch           POL    -17,2p
10.    Daiki Ito            JPN    -19,2p

Ski jumping drinking game

Maybe someone can have fun with this during the weekend :)

Submitted by anonymous.

These are just the general rules, you can always come up with many more as you play.

Drink when someone jumps really badly (under 100 m in large hill)

Drink when someone jumps over the HS line

Drink when Kasai jumps

Drink when Borek Sedlak jumps

Drink when there’s any Kazakhstanian jumping

Drink when the camera shows a wind indicator

Drink everytime you see Hofer talking on the radio phone

Drink when gate is lowered

Drink doubles when gate is taken back up

Don’t drink when someone falls, that’s just unethic.